Respite Care Services

Our respite care services are designed to give you the break you need from taking care of your loved ones.


In need of respite care services in Halton?

We all deserve a break. Receiving proper respite care will help you take a needed break while ensuring your loved one is properly cared for.

 Although you want to help your loved one during this difficult time, the physical and emotional challenges can be overwhelming without taking an occasional break. Research shows that receiving some respite care services can improve the mental and physical health of the family caregiver. It has been shown to help improve their ability to maintain caregiving tasks for longer periods of time.

Why choose Milestone Health Services for respite care? 

Milestone Health Services in the Halton region offers respite care services that are tailored to you and your loved one. We start by having a free nurse consultation that helps us understand the medical challenges of your loved one and the issues surrounding the care they need as well as their preferences in receiving that care. We customize a care plan and ensure that the management of the care meets or exceeds your expectations so you can rest comfortably. With no contracts for any of our services, whether you need a break for one day, one week, or one month, we can help. 


You can rest assured that your loved one is receiving top quality care while you take a short rest and recharge your batteries. Don’t let yourself burn out, it could affect the level of care you are able to provide.

How can we help with respite care?

The respite care services can include all of the following, which will be tailored to your needs:


Care Management Services including Initial Assessment with an experienced Nurse Case Manager;


Personal Care Services;


Home Support Services;


Companion Care Services;


Review Visit by our Nurse Case Manager;


24-hour on-call support for questions and urgent matters;


Grocery Shopping as needed;


Immediate response for additional care;


Communication with other health care professionals.


Coordination of Home Medical Equipment and Supplies as needed;

Contact us to learn more about our respite care services. 

Give us a call at  1-833-392-7366 or send an email to We can provide you with a free consultation. If you have questions about respite care or our other home care services, don’t be afraid to ask us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your family.

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