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Foot care by a nurse in the Halton region

Healthy, pain-free feet are the key to mobility, and our trained foot care nurses can help. On a daily basis, the average person walks over 10,000 steps. That’s a lot of consistent work for one body part. Feet are the key to remaining active and mobile and they need to proper care in order to stay healthy. This is even more important as we age and are more prone to increased pain and infections. 

Why choose us for foot care? 

Milestone Health Services in the Halton Region provides professional foot care services in the comfort of your home, delivered by a trained foot care nurse. By combining their experience and training, with a caring and personal touch, you can be assured that your feet will feel better and improve your mobility over time.

At Milestone Health Services, our foot care nurses have completed a specialized course in advanced foot care. They come to you to provide in-home foot care visits and will schedule your appointments at your convenience. They will take time to speak with you about your feet and begin a care plan that will tackle the issues you are experiencing. By receiving this care in your home, you can properly relax your feet after care is provided to maximize your healing time. 

Although there are no contracts to sign, ongoing maintenance of your feet is critical. Most clients receive a foot care visit once every 4-8 weeks, and your ongoing schedule can be discussed with your nurse to ensure the frequency of visits will truly help heal and maintain your feet.

What foot care by a nurse services do we provide? 

Receive the following services by our foot care nurses at your home during their visits:


A nursing assessment to help you understand your risk factors and identify foot problems;


Foot massage to help with circulation and mobility;


Ongoing discussions about proper daily foot care;


Nail cutting;


Corn and callous care;


Ingrown toenail care;


Identifying the need for more specialized treatments for your feet and referring you to appropriate resources in your community.

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